Saturday, June 7, 2014

Storms and Sunsets

Spring in Colorado = Thunderstorm Season.  The time of year where you fall to sleep with the sound of rolling thunder, and big billowy clouds are always off in the distance.  Beautiful from where I am, but dropping hail and tornadoes on what ever town just so happens to be lying underneath.  The trail of these storms often leaves a trail of low lying, whispy clounds which are cool as is, but get them right around sunset and the colors and view you get is out of this world.  Also a perfect time for photos!  

Getting shots at sunset (especially if you're facing into the sun) can be tricky.  A properly exposed foreground will leave your sunset sky washed out and much too bright.  Expose for the sky and you will have a landscape of shadows and silhouettes.  A good thing to have with you to help even this sharp contrast of land and sky is a graduated neutral density filter.  This will allow you to expose your foreground and drop the exposure in the sky by 1-4 stops easy!   It's a must have for a landscape photographer trying to capture a perfect scene.  

Here are some Storms and Sunset photos from recent.  

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