Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Last Few Weeks - Fall Colors - Awesome Times

Tonight is the first night I've really had to relax at my house in over 2 weeks! It's been a crazy few weeks.  First I ended up getting the worst poison ivy reaction I (and my doctors) have ever seen ... so that put me out of commission for photos for a week.  And a side note - Poison Ivy Sucks... that is the worst thing I've ever had.  BOO poison Ivy! Anyway Next I went on a photo camping adventure to Crested Butte for their Vinotok celebration.  The fall colors were unreal.  We explored so many back jeep roads and saw the beauty of Colorado that few get to see these days with out fighting hundreds of tourists trying to see the same sights.

Got back from Crested Butte and right away I was off to Caribou Ranch for my artist in residence stint.  The county puts on an artistry program where they supply you with a cabin in one of their most gorgeous open spaces, and let you stay a week to perfect your craft - Mine being photography.  It was an unreal experience and I got some quality shots that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.  Anyway - Enough babble ... here are the photos!

 Crested Butte