Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Road To Mordor

I took this shot a few nights ago but I feel it was worthy of it's own post.  This is from a small canyon area just outside of Lyons, CO.  Some clouds in the distance reflect the city lights of Longmont, CO.  I have been  calling this photo "The Road to Mordor".   Looks like something frodo would have seen as he got close to the fiery mountain, don't you think?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hiking/Exploring and Other Misc. Photo Rambles

Holy Crap! It's time for an update! A whole month of photography has gone by since my last post and a ton of photos have been taken!!  Here's a few of my most recent shots from the last month. 

This is a huge 4ft fan that is part of an old abandoned egg farm we were working at. 

Hooking up a camera to an Osprey Nest.  The camera will live feed video of the Osprey's and their offspring

Beautiful Sunrise here in Boulder County

An Experiment with Textures, light and shadows. 

This last image is of the sky to the south of longmont. Light pollution from Boulder lights up the sky just above the horizon. 

Not much of an update, I'm not feeling very wordy, but I hope you all enjoy the photos!