Friday, May 17, 2013

People in the Landscape

I absolutely love being outdoors.  This is reflected in most of my photography.  Studio and portrait shots... not really my thing (as far as photographing that style for myself).  I definitely consider studio work and portrait photography a fine art, and a tough one to master don't get me wrong.  And I respect anyone who loves to shoot that style, but having people in my photograph... It's just not for me.  HOWEVER!!  There is one exception to this preference of mine.  A time when I actually prefer people in my shots. That scene is when someone is in your shot, they are still the subject of your shot, but they have a vast landscape before them!  So vast that although they are still your main subject, and "supposed to be" the main focus of your shot, they are small and give scale to the vastness of the landscape.  

By showing that scale with a human being, I feel that everyone who sees your photograph is not only given that sense of scale, but can relate to the person in that shot.  I feel that they can identify, and put themselves into the vastness of that scene giving your photo so much more impact and connection with your viewer.  

Below are a few shots of mine that demonstrate this technique.  One of them is from inside of a barn, It's not a vast landscape but it still is a cool setting that can connect you with the person inside of the barn.  

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