Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid May Update!!!

I have been slacking on my blog updates!  For this I am sorry... to me... and to who ever else reads this... which is probably close to everyone on the planet.  Everyone is just very shy, I know.  It's ok, I understand.

Anyway! The end of last month was nuts!!  We were ending up with a 6" snowstorm on a weekly basis!!  I guess that's not unusual for April in Colorado, but after such a warm, dry winter here it was definitely a (pleasant) surprise.   The late snow ended up resulting in a few end of the Winter season snowy photography opportunities for me, and I took full advantage!

These last 2 are my personal favorites of the last minute snow storms.

It's warming up now however and everything is getting SOO green!!  It's almost time for infrared photography season again.  This year I am even considering getting myself a set of really nice neutral density filters.  They will be good for capturing lightning and making for some silky water shots in the middle of the day when I don't typically shoot photos on account of the light being a tad harsh.  

Anyway - This is a photo blog and I doubt you came here to read my rambles.  So here are some more spring time photos/photos I've taken since my last post!  


Also I have gotten in my first ever photo workshop experience (leading them) recently!!  This past saturday I led a class of 17 people on a free photography workshop/hike. It being my first one, there were a few hiccups and I learned a ton about leading workshops, but I would be silly to think that there wouldn't be some learning curve with leading a class and teaching.  It was an amazing class, a beautiful day, and I learned just as much about teaching as I hope I taught about photography.  

Anywho - Happy May!!  

Thunderstorms, Infrared Photography, and Warm Nights for Stars!!!  

Time to get shooting! 

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