Friday, April 5, 2013

Rock Creek Farm

We have recently started a new (actually we re-started an old) project at work at the Rock Creek Farm property.  Filled with tons of old barns and buildings, there is plenty of work to be done out there as well as tons of new photo opportunities and a fresh setting to spark new creative ideas and shots.  Now that spring is here and not only are things starting to get green, but all of the wildlife is returning to the state, making for even more things to photograph!!   I'm super excited that it's spring, and I have a list of places I want to see, and new shots I want to try.

   Here are a few of the photos from Rock Creek that I have snapped over the last few days.

The colors on this turkey just stunned me.  I learned quickly though that it was a bad idea to get too close to this guy to take photos.  He didn't exactly approve.  

This rooster also had an attitude when it came to getting up close and personal with the camera. 

This is a baby Great Horned Owl - There are 3 of them up in this nest keeping a watchful eye on the situation below.  This photo looks especially crisp blown up.  I was so excited at how crisp this little guy came out.  There was not much light in the barn to work with.!i=2442724653&k=FHRmJ7w&lb=1&s=A

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